Toyota Highlander vs. The Competition

The Epitome of Power & Style. The All-New 2020 Toyota® Highlander. Explore Trims, Packages & More on our Santa Margarita website here. Get pre-approved and get your own today! Quiet Cabin. Available 3.5L V6. Adaptable Cargo Space. Intelligent & Versatile. Impressive Handling.


The ideal performance. With a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 295 hp, 263 Ib.-ft. of torque, and 5000-Ib. towing capacity the Toyota Highlander allows you to go for a confident ride.

Having the option to choose between four modes (MUD & SAND, ROCK & DIRT, SNOW, and NORMAL) improves traction as well as driving on different surfaces.


Safety is a big feature when it comes to the 2020 Toyota Highlander. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist is designed to provide corrective steering to help keep the vehicle in the lane when the system determines corrective steering action is needed.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA) is designed to use the lines on the road and help keep the vehicle centered which comes to be a big help during traffic jams.


Equipped with a digital rearview mirror, this innovative feature uses a camera that allows you to see a wider field of vision. Not only can you use Wi-Fi connectivity, 12V outlets, but also use up to five USB ports that can allow everyone to stay connected.


The 2020 Toyota Highlander has a modern new look. Its captivating look includes 20-in wheels, LED headlights, and hands-free power rear liftgate that is convenient and easy to use.

2020 Toyota Highlander LE FWD 3.5L V6 Direct Shift 8-Speed Automatic 2020 Kia Telluride LX AWD 2020 Ford Explorer ST 4WD 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD 2020 Honda Pilot 4WD EX
Roadside assistance months / (mi) 24 / Unlimited 60 / 60,000 60 / 60,000 60 / 60,000 36 / 36,000
No cost maintenance months / (mi) 24 / 25,000 None None None None
Curb weight (lbs) 4,145 4,255 4,701 4,677 4,235
Gross vehicle weight rating (lbs) 5,830 5,917 None 6,500 5,842
Payload (lbs) 1,685 1,662 None 1,320 1,607
Torque (ft lbs) 263 262 None 260 262
Fuel Economy- City (MPG) 21 19 18 18 18
Fuel Economy- Highway 29 24 24 25 26
Estimated Combined (MPG) 24 21 20 21 21
Delivery $1,120 $1,170 None $1,495 None