Lease Return

At Santa Margarita Toyota, we offer our guests several options for returning your leased Toyota. For questions, and for more information on how to trade in your lease, or to get into a new vehicle today, please contact our Sales Department at (949) 347-5619.

Option 1:

I would like to turn in my leased vehicle and purchase or lease a new Toyota. Great! New car smell, all the latest technology and prepaid maintenance, that’s for me! Click below to view our large inventory or for more information please contact our Sales Department at (949) 347-5619.

Option 2:

I would like to get information on purchasing my leased vehicle. Because Toyota vehicles are quality built, some of our guests consider buying their leased vehicle at term. Our Sales Department can assist you with this and explore any other option that might benefit you. They can be reached at (949) 347-5619.

Option 3:

I would like to extend my current lease. Please contact Toyota Financial Services, the toll-free number is (800) 874-8822.

Option 4:

If you simply want to turn in your leased vehicle, we can help with that also. Please call our Sales Department at (949) 347-5619 to set an appointment.


Please be advised that Toyota Financial Services will charge you a lease termination fee. You may also be charged for excess mileage and/or any excessive wear and tear. Any such charges are not levied by Santa Margarita Toyota, but rather by Toyota Financial Services. Please know that you will still show as the registered owner of the vehicle until Toyota Financial Services and/or the buying dealer resells to another consumer. This process can take several months. It is your responsibility to have your name removed on the vehicle with the DMV and/or remove the vehicle from your Toll Road Account (FasTrak), if applicable.